Due Diligence NPL

FBS Real Estate coordinates the appraiser’s activities on collateralized real estate, ensuring the correct application of the guidelines for the determination of the market value (O.M.V).

Experts in the real estate sector alongside the lawyers in the Data Room collect the relevant data needed for field assessments and to check the condition of the property in relation to the possible existence of liens that could affect the value.

Thanks to the expertise built over years of experience, the market value is correctly determined based on the local market attractiveness and also on the referring Court that determines the speed at which the property will go on the market.

The real estate professionals will coordinate at a later time with the credit experts to define of the most appropriate valuation model for price formulation, in a way that the real estate valuation cross references the mortgage balance to estimated recovery time.

In terms of real estate due diligence, FBS Real Estate Spa, in the role of "General Advisor" of the client,  coordinates their team of professionals in the Technical Data Room who are able to make: systems verification, planning and land registry verification. The environmental due diligence is ensured with external specialized professionals.