FBS Real Estate Spa was founded in January 2006 with its head office in Milan, Via Senato 6.

In the early stages, FBS Real Estate Spa started mainly with captive in house operations, dealing with the evaluation of real estate assets as collateral for credit lines relating to portfolios of securitized loans from major Italian Banks, and managed by the FBS Spa holding.

FBS Spa is now a leading company in Italy in the servicing related to the securitization of NPL (Non Performing Loan) portfolios, secured and unsecured. We are the first independent Italian company operating in the sector.

Today, leading Italian banks refer to FBS Spa as an outsourcing manager, authorized and certified in the new Registration 106 TUB, and with the highest Fitch rating among independent Italian servicers.

Key Moments

  • 2006 - Founded in Milan by FBS SpA for the valuation of real estate assets as security for credit lines related to NPL portfolios managed by FBS SpA;
  • 2006-2009 - FBS RE in few years has gained considerable experience as a proxy agent for numerous clients, including banks and investment funds. It created a "Network of European Appraisers" made up of 100 consultants; 
  • 2010/1 - Extended their operations by entering as a consultant and real estate intermediary with a capital infusion and becoming an operational partner of SIB Management Company, whose management has over 20 years in the real estate market, dealing with bank disputes (NPL secured), ie loans secured by real estate.;
  • 2010/6 - Creation of a unique and efficient sales organization, called M.O.s.T. (with around 300 professionals), widely distributed throughout the national territory and characterized by many years of expertise in real estate products and litigation activities done by its members; 
  • 2011 - FBS RE has signed a JV with ICADE, one of the major French companies in the real estate sector (controlled by Caisse des Dépôts). This JV has been extended to Immofori in Germany (services NPL) and J Peisier Wainright in the UK (real estate advisor), with the aim of creating a European platform that can provide both real estate services and NPL management;
  • 2013 - A strengthening of the services with the residential Agency dealing with building sites and the supplying of marketing services, and sales management for private and institutional investors. In the second half of 2013 we started working for Polaris SGR providing services of agency exclusively for Milan where the SGR plays an important role in social housing projects; 
  • 2013 - Creation of a new business line entirely devoted to real estate in the international field. The goal is to make the company a hub for international investors, private and institutional, for unique real estate opportunities based in Italy, to compensate the weakness of domestic demand (The main markets that we address are: Russia and the New Republics, Turkey, China , Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East);
  • 2014 - Strengthening of the managed portfolio of institutional entities (General, Idea Fimit Sgr, Polis Sgr). Intensification of the relationship with Cassa Depositi and Prestiti as an equity partner of Sgr in Social Housing development initiatives.
  • 2019 - Banca IFIS acquires FBS Spa and the subsidiary FBS Real Estate. The aim of the acquisition is to make IFIS NPL and FBS the primary point of reference for Italian NPLs. 

Actually the activity of FBS RE has been expanding for the benefit of the third market through a capillary structure distributed throughout the national territory with a long expertise in banking litigation management, in the development and sale of income and empty real estate portfolios.