Technical Urbanistic Due diligence

This activity has the responsibility to determine and verify the state of affairs of a building, taking into consideration the construction, structure, urban planning and plant engineering aspects, as well as the level of maintenance.

It is an activity necessary to ensure that the assets comply with the local regulations and do not contain defects or deviations; in this verification we also analyze the so-called "Hight and best use" to understand what could be its best alternative use.

It also highlights how this activity relates to the undeveloped land; the evaluation in this case will focus on the urbanistic scope and feasibility.

The Due Diligence is therefore a technical audit, aimed at checking for any anomalies and critical issues affecting the individual elements of the property, and to the identification of the causes that can damage the stability and the use of the Property.
Regading critical issues, the Client is issued a report on the general state of the Property, which classifies the level of criticality of the analyzed parts, for each area.